William Dreyer made his first frozen dessert to celebrate his German ship's arrival in America.
Dreyer partnered with candy-maker Joseph Edy, and together they founded a small ice cream factory on Grand Avenue in Oakland, California.

Selection of Ingredients

Edy's Grand Ice Cream uses only the highest quality ingredients. Fresh cream and milk are delivered daily to plants, and use select added ingredients, like pure vanilla beans from Madagascar, our own rich, home-style fudge, slow-roasted almonds and chewy baked brownies.

Flavor Balancing

At Edy's, each and every flavor is carefully formulated to create the perfect balance of ingredients for optimum flavor. While most ice cream manufacturers have one basic mix recipe for all of their flavors, Edy's uses more than 40 different mix formulations that are customized to bring out the best in each flavor. They double churn ice cream to make it extra smooth and creamy. During churning, ingredients are carefully monitored and measured to ensure consistency. Freshly filled cartons of ice cream are whisked off on a conveyer belt to the "hardening room," kept at a chilly 40 degrees below zero. After the ice cream has spent five to six hours in the hardening room, it travels to the cold warehouse, kept at 20 degrees below zero, where it is stacked on pallets to await delivery. From there it's shipped all over the world.

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